Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I start?
Please follow up the steps underlined below.
  • First, you need to make your payment by following this link.
  • Then you should send your documents and photos immediately.
  • Our 5 delivery policy is starting from the day that we have received the documents and photos from you.
2Why is this service cheaper than many other services?
Our aim is to reach out and help several small business owners. We are also a small business. We know how hard it is to be on your own boss and how it is difficult to allocate budget for variety of needs. So we provide more than 250 beautiful design templates for you to choose from. Therefore, you have a general idea about how your website can look like and there will be no surprises. You do not have to hassle with any process regarding creativity.
3Why are you building websites with Wordpress
What are the advantageous of WordPress?
  • 30% of the Internet has been composed of Wordpress platforms. Yahoo, Ebay, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Forbes, Samsung, Mozilla Firefox and many other institutions and companies are using Wordpress
  • Wordpress is flexible to make changes, additions, updates and editing
  • Wordpress is endorsed by Google since its SEO Friendly.
  • With Wordpress you can use video, animations and photos as well.
  • Wordpress is mobile friendly
  • Wordpress provides and integrates thousands of plugins (44,000) to let you do other functions such as Google Analytics, Social share buttons, comments etc.
  • WordPress is cost effective. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a custom design you get a contemporary looking and ready to publish web templates almost instantly
  • Ecommerce applications can also be integrated into Wordpress
  • With never ending updates of Wordpress versions, the problems if any always get taken care of.
4What is the difference from Weebly, Wix or Squarespace?
Weebly, Wix and Squarespace also providing web templates for you to choose but then they like you to integrate your content, pictures or videos on your own. Interface and steps involved to create your website on your own could be sometimes complex or misleading. Their template quality is not better or worse than our templates.
5Are there any hidden fees?
There is no hidden fees. However, you should be aware that every year the hosting and domain registration services should be renewed as such:
Annual Renewal cost is $399.
(It includes domain registration renewal fee of $15, Web hosting for 12 months, Technical Support for 12 months, monthly updates (1 page / 1 images) If you want to pay on a monthly basis, the renewal fee is 39.90/Month
(It includes domain registration renewal fee of $15, Web hosting for 12 months, Technical Support for 12 months, monthly updates (1 page / 1 images)
6What kind of Website do you provide?
We are providing a Wordpress based platform for you to be a beneficiary of numerous features of Wordpress as explained at 3rd question.
7How do I register my domain name?
When you make the full payment of your web package, we are going to register your domain name.
8Is the web design you provide going to be custom tailored?
No it’s not a custom one. We believe that small businesses need quick and simple solutions and the web templates that we have provided has already gone through tests for visual and user experiences and they are the best alternatives for their target audience.
9What if someone else has already registered the domain name that I want?
We would like you to contact us so that we can create other combinations of domain names that you can register under your brand.
10What if I want to update more than one page or more than once in a month?
You can update your content and add new pages by yourself. However, if you do not want to do it on your own, we are charging $50 per hour rate for any service we provide.
11Can I open up an online store and sell my goods online?
This feature is not available at the moment but it will be available in the near future. If you join our mailing list you can hear any updates or moderations to our services.
12How do I send my information? Can I send them via UPS or Fedex?
We would like you to send your information via an e-mail.
13When will my website will be delivered and up and running?
If you can send all your documents, pictures or video files at the date that you have made the payment, then your website will be delivered to you within 5 business days.
14Can I get my e-mail addresses immediately?
After receiving your payment and registering your domain name, we can provide your e-mail addresses within 2 days.
15Does my website can be seen and adjustable to smart phones or tablets?
Your website is going to be Mobile Friendly. Therefore, it is going to work smoothly on every mobile and online platform possible.
16What if I have already got my domain name and hosting service?
We have to transfer your domain name and hosting services to our servers. Otherwise, we can not provide reliability of our services.